5 important takeaways from the 2018 State of Agile report

Published May 2 2018 by Team Askida
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Published yearly, the State Of Agile report surveys over 1500 software professionals to find out how Agile methods are helping teams deliver more business value. This year, the report contained a number of surprises that are showing where Agile has been and where it’s heading. One thing that’s obvious from this year’s report is that Agile methods have again gained in popularity and become more widely adopted as more and more organizations are realizing how much business value these methods can deliver.

According to State Of Agile 2018, the 5 most important reasons to justify an Agile transformation this year were: Accelerate the production calendar (75%), Make priorities easier to manager (64%), Become more productive (55%), Better align development teams and business needs (49%) and Improve software quality (46%).

Here are 5 other important takeaways from the 2018 State Of Agile report.

Organizations that adopt Agile methods end up, more often than not, obtaining the results they were seeking

More often than not, organizations that adopt Agile methods end up creating more business value, gaining more visibility on the status of a project, being able to adapt more quickly to changes and much more. On the other hand, big organizations are still having difficulty adopting Agile methods on a larger scale. Big organizations that try to adopt Agile methods on a larger scale sometimes end up discarding along the way the characteristics of Agile that make these methods efficient. As a result, the organization’s processes still resemble traditional processes, AKA "Waterfall." To succeed, organizations have to challenge traditional processes, place the right individuals in the right spots and allow teams to self-organize.

Client satisfaction is now the most important measure of success

One surprise in the report this year: client satisfaction is now the most important mesure of success. In previous years, software professionals would talk about added business value as the main method to measure success, but the market now seems ready to go one step further and seek client satisfaction first and foremost. This is an important clue that Agile methods are getting better and better at aligning development teams with business needs.

Adoption of Agile methods have more than tripled in some organizations

In some organizations, Agile methods have more than tripled in popularity and adoption compared to a year ago. The numbers don’t lie: organizations are realizing that to stay competitive, they have to deliver high quality custom software solutions quickly and efficiently and Agile methods, when implemented properly, clearly allow them to obtain these results. Some organizations that adopt Agile methods first start with a pilot project, which encourages more teams in the same organization to adopt Agile, allowing the methods to spread from one team to the next.

DevOps initiatives are also becoming more popular

Beyond Agile, DevOps initiatives are also becoming more popular. Most professionals who answered the survey indicated that their organization already had at least one DevOps initiative on the production floor (48%) or that they would have one in the coming year (23%). DevOps, which allows teams to continuously deliver business value, possesses an excellent reputation, which encourages organizations to explore these methods.

Organizational culture above all

According to the professionals who answered the 2018 State Of Agile survey, some of the factors that can prevent organizations from successfully adopting Agile methods includes an organizational culture that works against Agile values (53%), a resistance to change (46%) and a lack of support from the management team (42%). While Agile methods are very powerful, they can also be derailed by a company’s internal culture. The company’s leaders, who usually influence the company’s culture, need to understand Agile values and do their best to embrace and communicate them.

Towards are perfect synergy between software development and business needs

Once again this year, Agile methods have become more popular and more widely adopted. However, some organizations seem to place too much emphasis on Agile mechanics and not enough on their objectives. In the end, the goal shouldn’t be to obey Agile to the letter, but to strive for a perfect synergy between software development and business needs. According to the State of Agile 2018 report, companies seem to be heading in the right direction, but there’s still some work left to do.

If you’d like to read the 2018 State Of Agile report, it’s available here.

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