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Florida Municipal Power Agency Finds Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Be Best Overall Value

Published May 6 2021

Florida Municipal Power Agency (FMPA) is a wholesale electricity provider to 31 city-owned power companies in Florida. FMPA's mission is to provide low-cost, reliable, and clean power, plus value-added services for its owner-customers that benefit its communities and customers. FMPA’s member utilities are located throughout Florida from the Panhandle to Key West. These utilities are individually owned and operated by the cities they serve. By working together with FMPA, the cities can enhance their operations and offer affordable, reliable service to their customers.

Over the last few years, FMPA has significantly expanded the value-added services it provides to members, which has led to service projects growing exponentially. This growth created an exciting challenge for FMPA to help its members in new ways, but also made it necessary to consider new processes and tools to ensure things would not fall through the cracks.

Once FMPA decided that a CRM would be the right solution to track its service projects, Alithya submitted a proposal that met its needs in a cost-effective way, helping FMPA make the decision to move forward.

Per Mike McCleary, FMPA's Project Manager for CRM, “Microsoft D365 with Alithya’s implementation was the best overall value for our needs. It gives us the functionality we need at a competitive price with excellent integration to our other Microsoft applications.”

While FMPA is still early in its implementation, it has already seen positive outcomes and Dynamics 365 has received great reviews.

To learn more about why FMPA has found Dynamics 365 to be the best overall value for its need of effectively tracking projects, read the full customer story.