How to Customize a Dynamics 365 Power Apps Portal

Published May 3 2021

Whether you are provisioning a portal from a template or starting from ground zero, all portals can be customized to reflect your brand’s look and feel. The Power App Studio Editor leverages a robust HTML library that gives you drag and drop design elements to build out modules based on the information you can pull from your Microsoft D365 CRM. You can also use custom HTML if you want to tailor your portal design further.

Here are some snippets of the Power App Studio Editor in action:

Power Apps Studio Editor

If you want to add pages, files, forms, and lists to your portal website, the Power App Studio Editor is where you will do this. This is where you create a unique URL for your portal.

  • Editing text in studio editor

Editing text in studio editor

  • Adding additional components, like pages, in studio editor

adding additional pages of text in studio editor

custom portal - new page - dynamics365 power apps portal

  • Creating a unique URL

creating a unique url - power apps portal - dynamics 365

If you’d like to see a more detailed demo of how to use the Power App Studio Editor, watch this webinar here:
How-to Enable External Access to CDS Data via Power Apps Portals to Engage with Customers and Partners.

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