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Modern Supply Chain Management for Building Materials Manufacturers

Published November 18 2020

Building Materials Manufacturing: How to Stay Ahead

For manufacturers in the building materials industry, having the right business software is necessary for day to day success. Achieving needs like: better control and maximization of assets, minimization of operating costs and improved decision making are just some of the requirements needed to stay ahead.

Building Materials: Modern Supply Chain Management 

For example, as a building materials manufacturer, the need to create an efficient flow of materials through your supply chain is essential. With the proper software, this is controlled via uncomplicated planning, scheduling, and collaboration with vendors and customers. If you have disparate business systems, consolidating into one instance of Dynamics 365 can effectively meet these needs for a more efficient flow of materials. Having one common system greatly impacts visibility and coordination of activities through the global supply chain.

Dynamics 365 combines comprehensive planning capability with flexibility and ease of use. It goes beyond other ERP systems with incorporation of powerful new technologies such as Microsoft Azure Machine Learning used by the Demand Planning engine and the ability to proactively plan and execute using Artificial Intelligence and IoT technologies.

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Download this eBook as it looks at manufacturing market sectors which are particularly impacted by fluctuations in construction activity — and examines the challenges they share. It also presents how Microsoft Dynamics solutions can be effective tools for building products manufacturers to meet those challenges head-on as they pursue their enterprise objectives.