Staying Agile With Your ERP System

Published October 12 2020 by Emir Dobraca

Now that the wave of the novel Coronavirus has washed over the global economy and continues to have a ripple effect, organizations around the world are either benefiting from the seeds of their digital manufacturing technologies that were planted or are beginning to shift focus on implementing them.

Research shows that agile organizations have a 70 percent chance of
being in the top quartile of organizational health,
the best indicator of
long-term performance.1

Preparing for the new normal means becoming equipped to handle anything, at any time - agile. Now more than ever is the period to invest in technology, even if it feels risky. Organizations have to prepare for the new normal, meaning investing in your company’s success now. Enterprise Resource Planning solutions are a fundamental asset to many large companies and should be not be left at the bottom of IT management’s to-do list or considered far out of budget. A sophisticated ERP system is essential for operating more efficiently, staying compliant, responding to changing market conditions, managing inventory better, scaling across divisions and geographies, and increasing visibility across the organization. 

Staying Agile with Your ERP System

Now is the time to invest in technology. The effects of Covid-19 have not only been a health crisis but a wakeup call for what is needed in the rapid evolution of consumer demand. For example, embracing modern supply chain management (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management) can help you:

  • Support growth, despite uncertainty - thanks to new technologies, companies can adopt an agile mindset — critical in an age of intense competition and rapid changes.

  • Gain insights in real time - advancements in technology bring greater insight and understanding to our day-to-day operations, whether you’re an executive, a supply chain manager or a data analyst.

  • Be proactive - the right analysis can reveal new information and opportunities for operational improvement, helping you move away from simply reacting to what’s in front of you.

To dive deeper into why now is the right time for a technology investment, download the eBook, Modern Supply Chain Management. You will learn: real-life applications of modern supply chain management, what differentiates Dynamics 365 from previous Microsoft systems and how to weigh the benefits of a new supply chain management system to make an informed decision.

Modern Supply Chain Management


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