What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing?

Published April 2 2020 by Stephani McDowell

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing goes beyond the marketing functionality you’ll find in the Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service Apps. It is a robust marketing automation solution that helps companies build customer relationships at scale. It's the next generation of business applications that seamlessly integrates with CRM to drive tighter sales and marketing alignment, facilitate interdepartmental collaboration, and serve as the single source of information for the entire organization.

The goal with the marketing app is to provide marketers with a 360-degree view of the customer journey to facilitate the delivery of customer experiences that engage and convert. Companies that deliver superior customer experiences bring 5.7 times more revenues than those who don't, and marketing automation is the key to attaining those goals.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing provides benefits that go beyond your marketing department – from Sales and Marketing alignment to personalization and ultimately additional pipeline.

Tighter Sales and Marketing Alignment

To effectively drive revenue, organizations must create tighter sales and marketing alignment.

"Companies that can attain a marriage between the two departments generate 208% more revenue
from their marketing efforts. They also see 36% higher customer retention and 38% higher sales wins."

          - Really Simple Systems

The marketing app helps you accomplish this by fully integrating with CRM to ensure that sales and marketing are working from the same data source. The software leverages the built-in business intelligence tool to deliver insightful customer data that lead to better customer conversations. It also features robust lead scoring and management tools to ensure proper lead handoff to sales at the right time in the customer's journey.

Personalization at Scale

Today's customers expect you to deliver personalized interactions at every touchpoint of their buying journey. They already expect you to understand their unique needs and expectations. Yet many marketers struggle to develop personalized content in real-time.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can deliver tailored messaging consistently across all your marketing channels. The marketing app aggregates data in real-time so you can agilely tweak your campaigns based on your customer's behavioral patterns.

Increase Revenue and Marketing ROI

"A common pain point across many marketing organizations is attributing marketing's efforts to ROI.
About 59% of companies report a lack of culture around measurement and accuracy as the
biggest barrier."

         - Really Simple Systems

Because the marketing app integrates with CRM and other systems like ERP (natively, of course, for any of the other Dynamics 365 apps), you can easily create a culture of measurement and accuracy. The robust analytics tools provide insights that tie your department's contribution to ROI while helping you make smarter decisions that increase the bottom line.

Accelerate Revenue via Pipeline

The demand for more leads is never-ending. But its quality and not quantity that matters most in today's digital world. To successfully deliver results, data and insight is a must to identify areas of improvement while helping marketers attribute their efforts to ROI.

With its closed-loop reporting features and analytics powered by built-in business intelligence, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing helps marketers optimize the sales funnel to deliver high-quality leads to sales effectively. It also gives marketers the power to attribute their efforts to ROI.

Want to learn more? Download the eBook: Your Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

eBook: Your Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing


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