What the Faster Families Power App to Ease Inefficiencies in Connecting Children in Crisis with Loving Families Means to the Alithya Team

Published November 11 2020

Working closely with Adoption-Share, Alithya donated time and resources to build the Faster Families Portal leveraging Microsoft's Power Platform to alleviate bottlenecks in the first steps of the adoption/foster process. Before the Faster Families Portal, an inefficient intake process caused interested families to wait in some cases 10 to 12 months just to take their first training class. This is unacceptable with the urgent need for children in need of adoption or foster placement. 

Since completing the Faster Families Portal, a beta test allowed a family to complete home study training and receive placement within just 35 days of starting the process. "This is unheard of,” says Thea Ramirez, Founder & CEO of Adoption-Share. “To get a response from an agency could have taken 35 days. The overall process could have taken years."

After seeing these incredible initial results, we asked members of our team at Alithya, many whom have endured this inefficient process, what Alithya’s involvement in helping to fast track the adoption/foster process means to them.

First up we have John Theobald, Alithya Senior Account Executive, sharing his reaction:

John Theobald_Headshot

“Hey I’m John, but most people call me JT. I'm so excited about the project that Alithya has just completed with Adoption-Share to create the Faster Families Power App.

I was adopted as a child, so this is very personal and meaningful to me. I had a wonderful childhood and I'm so grateful to my mom and dad for the life they've given me.

JT Baby Picture-1

JT's image in the baby book at the adoption agency

As I hear my mom telling me about the process and what they went through so long ago, it's amazing how inefficient the process was and how long it took. In those days, everything was paper based and manual, while requiring coordination from several different child welfare agencies. It is discouraging to hear how painful it was for my parents to go through such a complex and time-consuming process.

Through this project with Adoption-Share, I’ve been surprised to learn that many of those same efficiencies my parents endured are still present in adoption and fostering today. It still takes so long and is a manual process with paper forms, plus agencies that don’t have a way to communicate well together.

That's why I'm so happy about the Faster Families Power App project that Alithya and Adoption-Share recently completed. It's more rapidly connecting loving parents who are interested in fostering or adoption to kids who are in need and removing so many of the inefficiencies in the application and connecting processes.

I know that's a life changing experience for parents who are considering adoption and for children who are in that need. So, the idea that we can use the same Microsoft technologies that I work with every day at Alithya and apply them to such an important problem in our society has been so inspiring to me. It has been amazing to see the efficiencies that we can add to the foster adoption process through Faster Families.

While I'm a very satisfied, happy customer of the adoption process and I wouldn't change anything about my experience as a child who grew up in such a wonderful home, knowing that we can help kids and parents experience what I have faster, it's just such a wonderful thing.

Alithya, I thank you for supporting this project. Thank you for the work that you are doing. There's not a more worthy cause.”

To learn more about how Adoption-Share is leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform to radically change the foster and adoption processes, read the full customer story.

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