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How Technology Supports Innovation in Medical Device Manufacturing

Published September 30 2021

It is vital to your company's success that you bolster your industry expertise with a solid understanding of how technology can power your business.

Companies that are already agile can embrace changes quickly and not waste time, money and other resources as they pivot to new market demands. The pandemic altered the way many of us interact with the world – from buying behavior to how many of us work.

Digital Strategy is Key

Ensure that your digital channels are on par with or better than those of your competition to continue meeting these changes head-on. Technology should be employed to help:

  • Refocus and accelerate digital investments in response to evolving customer needs
  • Use new data and artificial intelligence to improve business operations
  • Selectively modernize technology capabilities to boost development velocity
  • Increase organizational agility to deliver more quickly, including adoption of a cloud and connected platform
    (McKinsey, May 2020, The COVID-19 recovery will be digital: A plan for the first 90 days)

Embracing Digital Technology in Medical Device Manufacturing 

There is no going back from embracing digital innovation. As your company digitizes processes and invests in collaborative tools for remote work, understand that this new normal is here to stay. People expect virtual experiences and appointments, online booking, and ordering, and more. That expectation for an ease of doing business has bled into B2B interactions, as well.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) connects your finance, operations, supply chain, organizational teams, ecommerce, and CRM/customer engagement functions. It also can support your data analytics with Power BI in the Azure cloud. It breaks down the silos in your organization to ensure you’re getting a single source of truth, so your team has the right data to make better decisions with Power BI in the Azure cloud.

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