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Business Process Driven EPM Enterprise SKU Usage

Published January 9 2020
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We are beginning to hear more and more questions on usage of EPM Enterprise SKU. Below is an example where a client signed up for an EPM Enterprise SKU subscription, but after procurement, it is a planning enabled SKU (e.g. planning applications of Custom, Module, or Free Form can only be created in this subscription).

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But wait a minute! The client purchased an EPM Enterprise SKU and intended to use it at first to create a Consolidation application, not a Planning one. Also, EPM Enterprise SKU should give me the ability to create any of the business processes in an Enterprise EPM SKU.

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The client is discovering the original configuration of an Oracle EPM SaaS subscription. Even in the new SKU, the Pod-based configuration allows one business process per Pod. Each Pod has two environments as before.

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The client has the EPM Enterprise SKU subscription, but in the ordering document the client asked for only one EPM Enterprise Application, as a first. Oracle does NOT create Planning, or Close, or other business process anymore. They just create the EPM container. After securing the Pod, someone instantiated the EPM container to become a Planning business process and that is why currently only planning business processes/ applications can be created in this Pod.

Owing to the above, there are 2 million-dollar questions from the client service administrator:

  • We need the Enterprise SKU pod to be a Close business process, how do I repurpose the EPM Pod to a Close application?

The answer to this question is to recreate the instance. An EPM Automate command can be run by service administrator to clean the slate and take back the Pod to EPM Container mode.

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After the command is executed, the Pod is back to the EPM Container mode.

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Now the client can select Financial Consolidation and Close business process and repurpose the Pod to be a Close application.

  • With EPM Enterprise SKU, we should have multiple pods as our requirement in the next phase will grow to include Planning and Profitability business processes. What is the procedure to get additional business processes?

The client will need to go to Oracle Sales and submit a new ordering document to request the addition of 2 additional Enterprise EPM Applications. The is NO cost to the client because it is included with an EPM Enterprise SKU subscription.

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