Colleague in the spotlight: Jyoti Bose

Published June 10 2020 by Communications Team
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To ensure continuous growth and competitiveness, large organizations need to invest in business development. In the intensely competitive and fast-changing engineering and digital technology market, Alithya trusts professionals like Jyoti Bose to help carry out its mission.

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Over the course of more than 20 years working at Alithya, Jyoti has acquired extensive experience in the delivery and implementation of projects in control systems, software engineering, and digital transformation in the energy sector. Learn more about his role with Alithya and the daily realities of a business development manager.

A stimulating schedule

Leveraging his network, Jyoti must constantly keep abreast of the market needs, while identifying sales opportunities. The market knowledge enables him to determine Alithya's innovative offerings and our competitive advantages – these tasks are carried out in collaboration with the company’s directors. Once opportunities have been targeted, he prepares proposals and bid packages in response to calls for tenders and requests for proposals, while responding to customer inquiries and meeting the strict timelines.

When everything depends on relationships…

Despite a schedule filled with events and meetings, Jyoti still appreciates the human contact he shares with his many collaborators, whether they be customers or colleagues. In fact, it’s what motivates him each and every day.

« I enjoy advising our customers, and also offering projects to my team, which is something that keeps management and my colleagues happy. » 

In a constantly evolving market, technological changes and market conditions continue to bring about new challenges and opportunities. Maintaining quality relationships is therefore crucial.

 One step closer to the future 

Alithya’s reputation as a leader in its field enables the company to expand its customer base and partner network year after year. Larger suppliers (Microsoft, Schneider Electric, Emerson, etc.) are partnering with us. Also, Alithya’s continuous growth has created opportunities to bid on larger projects and cross-sell capabilities of other Alithya departments. « I’m optimistic about Alithya’s future, and I know that my colleagues share my optimism,» confirms Jyoti.

In 2019, the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI) presented Alithya with the Customer Satisfaction Award, which speaks volumes about our team’s depth of talent !

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