Future of the contact center

Market Study: Future of the Contact Center - A Forecast
Customer contact leaders have long hoped to transform their infamously reactionary operations into proactive, forward-looking drivers of customer centricity.

Future of the Contact CenterOn the surface, 2020 was not a good year for making that transition as it introduced a plethora of customer contact challenges. These challenges—the emergence of work-from-home, rise of digital communication, surge in contact volume, and transformation of customer behaviors and demands—caught many companies wholly off-guard.

With companies struggling just to meet core customer and employee needs in the face of such disruption, the idea of looking ahead seemed impossible. The catch, however, is that customer contact leaders did not need to look ahead to see the future. The future was unfolding in front of their very eyes; they simply needed to view it from the right perspective.

Citing proprietary research, this report from CCW begins by revealing how the customer contact center will change—both strategically and tactically—following the events of 2020. It then uncovers the specific opportunities and challenges companies will face as they transform remote work, digital engagement, and automation from 2020 “stop gap” into contact center cornerstones.

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