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How to transition your business successfully to IoT

e-Book - How to transition your business successfully to IoT

Recent studies have shown that many organizations are now reaping the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT). However, despite the concept’s undeniable appeal to businesses, nearly 60% of all such transition projects ultimately fail. To help you determine whether your business processes are suited to IoT, we provide an overview of the technological concept here. We also discuss the pitfalls to avoid and the steps to take for a successful implementation in a business context.

 In this e-Book, you’ll learn:Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 9.17.46 AM

  • What is IoT
  • The organic nature of IoT
  • How businesses take advantage of IoT, in practical terms
  • The system components
  • The main factors hindering implementation
  • The technical and commercial challenges to overcome
  • Some concrete solutions for a successful migration

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