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eBook: Connected and Proactive Service Maintenance with Microsoft Dynamics 365

A Modern Guide to Connected and Proactive Service Maintenance with Microsoft Dynamics 365 fancyTime is not just a valuable asset for you - it’s also valuable for your tenants. Nothing improves customer experience more than showing your tenant how valuable their time is to you.

Respecting their availability while also optimizing your service technicians’ productivity helps you be competitive. A connected and proactive service maintenance solution helps your business rise above the competition and gain a 360-degree view of the service lifecycle - from scheduling and contracts to warranties and business analytics.

This guide highlights the move from manual service maintenance processes to a connected, proactive automated model, offering you:

  • 3 ways mobile reduces service costs
  • 3 ways service maintenance can boost your tenant satisfaction
  • 3 cool facts about automated service scheduling with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

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