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Industry Expertise & IP Transform Operations for D365 Customers

Published January 4 2023
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Alithya is a leading strategy and digital technology company with thousands of highly skilled professionals delivering solutions across Canada, the US and Europe. Alithya’s Microsoft practice covers Dynamics, Azure, business and advanced analytics, digital solutions, application development, and architecture. Focused on business outcomes, our teams have delivered Microsoft ERP, CRM, BI and digital solutions to manufacturing, healthcare, professional services, financial services, and higher education industries for over 30 years.

Focus on Business Outcomes Drives Customer Success

With five Microsoft Gold certifications, over 20 Microsoft awards, and 17 consecutive years as a Dynamics 365 Inner Circle partner Alithya has built a reputation as one of the most skilled Dynamics 365 implementation partners, especially in the manufacturing industry, where we boast more than 500 customers.

“We’ve helped hundreds of organizations implement and optimize Microsoft Dynamics 365—Supply Chain Management, Finance, and Customer Engagement—to help them grow, evolve, and transform their businesses,” said Sonia Burnette, Senior Director of Marketing for Alithya’s Microsoft Practice. “We understand our customers’ challenges and focus on business outcomes, using our industry expertise, knowledge, and IP to make sure that they get the most out of their Dynamics 365 solution.”

Alithya’s deep bench of experts and company culture are key differentiators in ensuring the right business outcomes are achieved. “We take pride in the fact that we have really senior, experienced people within our implementation teams building methodology and processes that drive customer success,” said Reddy Beeram, VP of Enterprise Services for Microsoft Practice at Alithya. “Our company culture is one where we invest in our people. Our deep industry knowledge and expertise help us bring the best services to our prospects and customers.” 

IP to Expand Impact of Dynamics 365

Another way that Alithya ensures customers can achieve the full potential of Dynamics 365 is with a wide library of custom-built IP solutions. These applications augment the core Dynamics 365 solution, providing functionality that covers industry-specific requirements and delivering additional efficiency, compliance, or automation as required for specialized scenarios.

“Our goal is to use IP to drive the adoption of Dynamics 365,” said Steve Reed, VP of Sales at Alithya. “We work closely with Microsoft research and development teams to focus on building in those areas where we can eliminate friction for customers.” As part of its development efforts, Alithya ensures that any IP is aligned not only with the Dynamics 365 feature roadmap, but also with the upgrade requirements of customers. “We ensure that any IP we build has features that you can migrate easily and quickly and is upgrade friendly,” continued Reed. “As enabling technology, we don’t want to trip users up on their Dynamics 365 journey.”

We consider our IP to extend beyond just software. Alithya has also developed people and processes that aim to speed adoption and usage of the complete Dynamics 365 feature set. Examples include our express implementation methodologies that leverage thousands of pre-built business process models for specific industry verticals and our Customer Success and Optimization team dedicated to supporting customers after go-live and ensuring adoption of new features and strategies as appropriate.

Growing in Lock Step with Microsoft

As Microsoft has expanded its Business Applications technologies and customer base, Alithya has kept pace. The company is seeing strong growth and has added new services such as Power App development to its practice as it begins to eye the opportunity beyond North America.

“I think we are working with the best products in the world,” said Reed. “We are going to continue to grow, doubling down on industry and new technologies like Power Apps to help customers drive better business outcomes.” 

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