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Alithya’s Data and Analytics practice: life on the move

Published November 17 2021
Harkirt Kaur, Talent Acquisition Specialist
Harkirt Kaur
Talent Acquisition Specialist
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Alithya’s Data and Analytics practice is a fairly precise industry, with a lot of movement. The practice’s projects are motivating, and the Senior Director, Guillaume Paquin, is very attentive to the feedback of his team. The practice he developed in 2019 is just beginning, and it continues to grow on a daily basis. My role is to assist him in finding the best talent to support that growth. 

The practice 

I have been working in talent acquisition for 10 years, and I arrived at Alithya in 2019, shortly before Guillaume Paquin. By far, Guillaume is the best leader that I have ever encountered. From the beginning, he was able to create team chemistry that has continued to develop with the addition of new employees. Guillaume pushes each individual to give 110% when taking the success of our customers to heart, and his own extensive expertise in the field makes him an excellent resource person for each of us. 

As widely reported, there is currently a labor shortage in the IT sector and, like other technology companies, we are in dire need of new candidates. Many individuals are already employed with well-known companies, and my main responsibility is to build Alithya’s future leadership by nurturing talent from within and from elsewhere. 

Guillaume's leadership helps me to target potential talent. Since our work is conducted 100% remotely, our recruitment efforts can extend across Canada for the practice. We are fortunate to be growing, with 45 permanent employees hired since 2019, as well as more than 120 external collaborators. It is with a sense of great pride that I note that, in less than 6 weeks, particularly through March 2021, we managed to hire 15 people. Welcoming new workers on a weekly basis is a real success, particularly given the current reality in the industry. 

The challenge of hiring additional resources is always present, but we are successful thanks to having the advantage of attracting talented people who want to work for a great company like Alithya. Candidates can quickly rise through the ranks to develop more meaningful careers, and the company places great importance on the well-being of its employees. We want them to be happy, to have professionally-motivated challenges, and to be able to acquire new knowledge and to develop new skills through continuous training. Managers, like Guillaume Paquin, genuinely care about helping us to advance in our careers, and are committed to providing us with the resources required to meet and exceed our goals.  

Alithya, in numbers 

In total, Alithya employs more than 3,000 professionals in Canada, the United States, and Europe. We promote the sharing of knowledge, and we believe that everyone's creativity and innovative ideas should rise to the forefront of our projects.  

Each team member has something in common: we are people focused on finding solutions, and on realizing the full potential of our careers. The possibilities for advancement are great, and the opportunities touch all walks of life.  

Corporate culture is also very important, and Alithya embraces core values to be shared by every employee: respect, trust, well-being, integrity, and passion. We are also fiercely proud to have a team that represents all cultural communities: diversity is essential to our company. 

Our practice, is like a small startup within a large company. Communication between each team member is the key to our success. We are constantly on the lookout for new talent, and I would like to personally invite you to become part of a dynamic team offering innovative solutions.