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Interview with Dipti Kashyap

Published October 14 2021
Cheryl SIms, Marketing specialist
Cheryl SIms
Marketing specialist
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Alithya’s Women in STEM series brings together inspiring individuals to have a real conversation about how to create more rewarding opportunities for all, at every level.

Dipti-1Name: Dipti Kashyap
Job title: Director, Portfolio Manager
Years working in STEM fields: 20 years
Years working at Alithya: 15 years
Degrees/Education: B.Eng.; Electrical Engineering
Unique skills/interesting fact about you: I like to play badminton. I was selected for the university team, and I came 1st in the final competition. I also enjoy gardening, dancing, and watching movies in my free time.

When did you first become interested in working in STEM? What influenced your interest in and decision to work in STEM?

The power to make a difference in the lives of others is one of the primary reasons I chose the STEM field for my profession. I was inspired to work in STEM by my father, who was a mechanical engineer. He always believed that I would do well in engineering with my excellent math skills and the ability to approach things differently. Although there were various factors in choosing a STEM career, including family and peers, I always had an interest in technologies, which led me to select employment in the IT/Software field after completing my studies in Engineering.

Why did you choose to work for Alithya? What are some of the ways Alithya has helped your career in STEM?

After arriving in Canada and interviewing with multiple companies, I immediately felt a sense of comfort after my interview at Alithya. Even as a junior engineer, I felt that my ideas were taken seriously, and I felt comfortable talking through ideas with my team members. Throughout my 15-year tenure at Alithya, I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects in IT, nuclear, and engineering. These experiences have helped me develop a diverse and unique skill set that would be difficult to replicate at other companies. I have enjoyed my journey so far, and I am grateful to Alithya for giving me the resources to grow.

What advice would you give to women who are starting their careers in STEM?

STEM is not exclusive to any gender. To be a leader in STEM, you must be persistent and focus on solving problems and critical thinking. Focus on enjoying the field and continue to learn your craft. You are just as capable as any other person in STEM.

What are some unique challenges as a female leader in the STEM industry? Are there any special skills or perspectives that you rely on to navigate challenges that arise? 

Throughout my career, I have been on multiple teams. During this time, I have faced many challenges. Often, I have been on teams with few women or none at all. In these situations, it may be intimidating to speak up, as you feel different. I reconditioned my mindset to acknowledge the fact that I am simply a professional. Once I realized the strength of my technical abilities, I became much more confident while working on teams. I became a much better leader, and I felt that my ideas were being taken seriously. The most important skill I can recommend to anyone in an unfamiliar situation is staying confident in your abilities and knowledge. With confidence, you can navigate any challenge.

This is the third installment of a series where we sit down with Alithya coworkers to discuss some of the challenges, experiences, and advice for young women who are interested in entering STEM. To read more, please click to read Heather’s and Brandy's interviews