Mission: attract global talent to Quebec

Published February 22 2021
Amine Sassi, International Talent Acquisition Advisor
Amine Sassi
International Talent Acquisition Advisor
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Setting ourselves apart when skilled professionals are hard to find

Digital technologies are developing rapidly. They transformed a lot in 2020, leading to a shortage of skilled IT professionals. The demand shows no signs of slowing and the province isn’t producing enough tech graduates to fill available positions.

The Québec government estimates that it needs at least 6,500 IT professionals. Companies are in desperate need of IT talent! That’s why global recruitment is a top priority for Alithya.

Casting a wider net

More and more Québec companies will have to look abroad for talent. But what are we looking for exactly? Many jobs are in high demand, mainly full stack, back-end, .net and Java developers, cybersecurity or DevOps specialists, Scrum Masters, product owners, QA analysts and BI architects.

Competition is global. We’re competing directly with the French market, which is also recruiting internationally. They’re looking for candidates in the same francophone regions, such as the Greater Maghreb and Mauritius, as well as some African countries like Sénégal and Cameroon.

From international recruit to international recruiter

As a Québec immigrant myself, I’m in the unique position to understand the needs of international candidates. After earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Tunisia’s Institut supérieur de gestion, I first gained IT experience in the French market. After that, I obtained my Canadian residency and worked for an employment agency, where I learned about the Canadian market and implemented a global recruitment strategy. One thing leading to another, I advanced within the industry and eventually, Alithya hired me as their global talent advisor.

Attracting international talent

How do you attract talented candidates from around the globe? You have to make sure they want to move here and not be afraid of winter! Compared to some other parts of the world, Québec has a reputation for being welcoming. We also have world-class cultural talent, safe cities, an enviable quality of life and an excellent educational system. A big benefit of Québec immigration is how easy it is to apply for family sponsorship during the work permit process, so new employees can move here with their family. There’s no magic formula for finding the perfect international candidate, but we focus mainly on expertise. As I often say, the candidate should be curious and open-minded, willing to integrate into a new culture and have the ability to adjust. Today’s world requires us to quickly adapt to new situations, and that’s especially true when it comes to global recruitment.

Integrating new employees

The key to successful global recruitment is integration!

Alithya welcomes new employees with a partner’s help. The organization offers a six-month support program that includes introducing the employee to the local culture; welcoming them at the airport; helping them find a place to live, get their first groceries and open a bank account; helping their spouse find a job and assisting with school and daycare enrolment.

I firmly believe the successful integration of recruits is essential if Québec wants to keep attracting international talent and ensuring they have everything they need to succeed.