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Power to the People: Transitioning from Tactical to Strategic HR Execution with Oracle HCM Cloud

Published September 15 2021
Tom Petruccione, Oracle Cloud HCM Pre-Sales Architect
Tom Petruccione
Oracle Cloud HCM Pre-Sales Architect

At a time when many industries are struggling through an unprecedented competitive landscape in terms of hiring and retaining top talent, HCM (Human Capital Management) is a red-hot space for Alithya. Emerging strong from the pandemic, Alithya, a trusted Oracle partner, is poised to address a large market segment comprised of organizations of all shapes and sizes who are in search of a complete human resources (HR) solution to help improve decision-making well into the future. Meet Oracle HCM Cloud.

A New Era for HR

Today’s most successful companies recognize the important role that HR departments play in the successful pursuit and achievement of an organization’s strategic goals. However, as digital transformation projects begin to resurface across a myriad of sectors, approximately 75% of organizations remain mired in the tactical basics of human resources, with many still engaged in manual processes focused on traditional HR issues. In fact, many HR departments are still being relegated to developing policies, finding people, onboarding them, and getting them paid. With a focus on tactical functions, valuable strategic input in areas including talent management strategies, succession planning, and brand imaging in the marketplace never make it to the table. The current hiring landscape has many companies realizing that basic recruitment practices can no longer sustain the long-term goals of an organization. Successful recruitment must go above and beyond simple compensation, and career sites must be developed as attractive and enticing storefronts that appeal to the most talented candidates. However, while awareness is spiking, the execution of transitions to more strategic levels of HCM still lags behind.

Equipping HR Teams

For HR departments to successfully transition to the strategic conversation, they need to be equipped with automated systems that will allow them to step out of the day-to-day tactical processes and move forward into the realm of more value-added activities. The most effective path to achieving that goal is to implement enterprise-wide systems and tools, like the powerful Oracle suite and its Oracle HCM Cloud component. Oracle HCM Cloud fits like a glove into the entire Oracle suite of ERP, CRM, and EPM solutions. The Oracle toolbox enables seamless integration, as opposed to bolting a variety of different products together and ending up with bi-directional interfaces that are not optimally synched. Alithya clients who opt for Oracle HCM Cloud typically have an Oracle footprint somewhere in their organization, and they embrace the value-added prospect of having a single vendor for a single, comprehensive suite of solutions.

Oracle HCM Cloud facilitates an organization’s ability to get a handle on its entire workforce. For companies currently mired in a world of spreadsheets and manual processes, Oracle HCM Cloud can provide their HR departments with the powerful tools of an automated recruitment system to enhance, simplify, and improve the entire hiring process. The solution also extends across the aisle to the employee side, where manual processes, such as completing forms, can be transitioned to automated processes in an employee self-service space on any device. Oracle HCM Cloud helps companies replace manual touch points with automated processes throughout their workflow engines, freeing up personnel to work on strategic initiatives and helping the organization to be more efficient. It is a powerful solution that creates a seat at the table for strategic conversations, emphasizing HR’s role in revenue generation through the acquisition of greater numbers of the best talent, and by upskilling an existing workforce.

Laying the Groundwork for the Future

‘People’ fuel the HR vehicle, and that vehicle drives succession planning, career sites, branding, candidate experiences, retention numbers, and the search for top candidates in a competitive space. And at the end of the day, Millennials want to work for organizations that are hip, current, and progressive, and who work with consumer-grade technology. Alithya and Oracle HCM Cloud can get you there.