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2019 Manufacturing Industry Trends: Survey Results and Analysis
Published September 10 2019

The U.S. economy is undeniably strong and 2018 was a productive year for many manufacturing companies. We surveyed over 100 executives to gain insight as to how manufacturers are utilizing this economic upturn to their advantage. We will take a deep look into the cutting-edge industry trends that are expected to have a significant impact in 2019 and beyond. It’s no longer about survival of the fittest – it’s about survival of the fastest and most flexible.2019 Manufacturing Industry Trends - Miniature

This special report will provide survey results and analysis on:

  • How manufacturers stack up to the projected growth rate and its impact on geographic locations for 2019

  • Spending on capital projects as well as M&A activity and strategy

  • Top technology investments manufacturers are making to stay relevant and better anticipate their customers’ demands

  • The ability to identify profitable products, customers and regions

  • What manufacturers are doing to improve collaboration with customers, suppliers and internal users

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