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The Economic Impact of a Platform Like Snowflake

Published January 9 2020
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Snowflake's unique architecture enables data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, and data architects to benefit from a data warehouse without the limitations on performance, competitiveness, and scale of other solutions.

In June 2018, Snowflake published a Forrester study¹ on the return on investment of companies deploying its solution. The study concluded that the use of Snowflake generates significant operational and organizational gains. Among the main findings of the research, four key advantages stand out.

  • Business value of new initiatives
    New data-intensive products and new analytics for customer engagement (or being able to exploit data stores for the sake of new revenue) are accretive to the top and bottom lines.

  • Avoiding the cost of upgrades
    When organizations move off their on-premises data warehouses, they get to skip the cost of the next needed upgrade or re-investment in infrastructure.

  • Global data sharing
    Federating data with customers, partners, and suppliers becomes valuable when it is easy and secure. Snowflake customers can share data directly within the Snowflake ecosystem.

  • Greater employee satisfaction
    Capacity limitations, concurrency bottlenecks, and saying “no” to the businesses because of resource constraints make for frustrated IT staff. Less stress and better sleep are results of removing these challenges.

    Take advantage of your data with Snowflake

    Alithya recently partnered with Snowflake in order to offer our clients cloud-based data hosting solutions. Alithya's certified and highly experienced team can assist you in designing the data architecture best suited to your organizational needs.

    1 The Total Economic Impact™ Of Snowflake Data Warehouse-As-A-Service Cost Savings And Business Benefits Of A Snowflake Cloud-Based Data Warehouse