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Lessons from the Field: Powerful Planning Models in Cloud EPM

Published July 27 2022

Alithya has first-hand insight into what customers implement to flex their planning models in Cloud EPM Planning.

Listen to this webinar to learn about four FP&A methodologies:

  • Flexible Horizon changes – a methodology that allows FP&A to change its processes in response to an unpredictable and consequential event without significant investments in re-implementations.
  • Target and Bottoms-up Conference – a methodology that provides FP&A with a robust and iterative methodology to build forecasts that integrate an organization's pro-forma and tactical planning paradigms.
  • Back-casting – a flexible and exciting modeling technique that aids C-level executives with building what-ifs on current bottoms-up forecasts.
  • Impute and Plan by exception – a technique that is popular with FP&A teams that want to have trend-based models automated for the entire organization and only allow "by-exception" overrides on them.

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