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Webinar - Data Visualization – Introduction to Amazon QuickSight

Published May 12 2020

Being able to generate information from an abundance of data to allow decision making to become a real challenge for all organizations. Amazon Quicksight (AQS) is a cloud business intelligence tool that enables access to the data and insights that can be scalable to everyone.

In this session, we'll explore AQS, the first pay-per-session pricing service with no servers to manage, license or infrastructure to maintain. Learn why AQS should be on your radar when evaluating data visualization tools for your organization.

Speaker: Vanessa Pazzini is a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst with over 5 years of experience with data visualization. Certificated by Tableau with previous experience with SAP Business Objects and Power BI. Enthusiastic of new solutions, she has been working recently with Amazon Quicksight providing training and helping organizations to generate insights