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Walking the talk

Published February 28 2023
Paul Raymond, President & CEO
Paul Raymond
President & CEO
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The technology sector is experiencing near full employment, and skilled labor is becoming increasingly scarce; quality employment opportunities are numerous and diverse. Despite this strong potential, women are still underrepresented. Women are part of the solution for meeting growing recruitment needs, not only in number, but also for ensuring greater diversity of experiences and perspectives. 

From just a few people in 1992, to nearly 4,000 professionals across the planet today, Alithya employees have always been at the heart of everything we do. Our diversity has given us the opportunity to meet the most varied challenges, while also enabling us to participate in a more inclusive mission. 

Women represent just 20% of the workforce in our industry. It is in that context that Alithya implements mobilization initiatives intended to encourage more women to choose a career in the IT sector and to realize their full potential. But how do we get there? 

By building a strong culture

Through our projects, employee engagement initiatives, and corporate activities, we strive to make positive contributions to the communities in which we operate. A wide range of skills and professional backgrounds allows us to personalize the evolution of our community in accordance with aspirations. Although there is room for improvement, currently one-third of Alithya's board members are women, and women hold 25% of the leadership positions in our company. In addition, the Women in Governance certification that we obtained in 2022 sends a strong signal that Alithya is committed to providing a workplace where women can flourish. 

By leveraging the power of networking 

Our Women in Leadership committee creates opportunities for women at Alithya to share, develop, and be inspired. Through training and the sharing of experiences and best practices, we highlight career advancement opportunities and emphasize leadership skills required for influencing the success of our organization. 

“We are really proud of the work we have done. However, we are far from done, and thus we often say that we are proud, but never satisfied.” 

By supporting causes near and dear to our hearts 

Nor should the empowerment of women be limited to professional spheres. At Alithya, we are proud to once again be supporting the Girls Who Code night, which is scheduled to be held in May. Girls Who Code is an organization created for girls aged 12 to 18 with the goal of encouraging girls to take an interest in the digital industry and to consider pursuing a career in it. 

Ability to lead change 

From the top down, our mission consists of continuous efforts that everyone can contribute to, including executives and managers. 

Although much remains to be done, I am convinced that the future for women seeking fulfilling careers in IT has never been brighter. Our role is to ensure that the outlook continues to improve over time, and I believe that we will see a huge difference in the years to come.