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Antwain Woods
Optimizing Push Reporting with Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Flow
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Reporting and Business Intelligence have become the driving force for businesses to make quick and smart decisions. A ...

Stephani McDowell
What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing?
Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing goes beyond the marketing functionality you’ll find in the Dynamics 365 Sales and ...

Équipe des communications
Finding work, home life balance

Do you remember professor Robert Kelly’s unexpected distraction during his live interview on BBC News? What ...

Nick Boronski
Product Manager - Financial Close & ...
Think Outside the Close- Profitability & Costing Reconciliations in Account Reconciliation Cloud

Let me tell you a story… Wait – no - that’s not quite right. Let’s start this again from the top. Let me tell you THE ...

Ori Fishler
Ori is a visionary and goal oriented ...
3 Keys to Effective Virtual Work

In light of recent events happening worldwide, countless businesses are finding themselves in a virtual workplace ...

Mike Hull
Cayman Chemical Upgrades to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
Dynamics 365

Cayman Chemical supplies scientists worldwide with high-quality assay kits, biochemicals, proteins, and antibodies to ...

Vatsal Gaonkar
EPM Cloud Planning Essentials: Hybrid Block Storage Option (BSO)

Hybrid BSO allows for some of the Aggregate Storage Option (ASO) functionality in BSO Essbase. ASO database supports ...

Carl Boutin
Benefits of Alithya’s UpgradeXpress Solution

In our previous blog, Alithya UpgradeXpress Solution we discussed what the UpgradeXpress template was. Now let’s delve ...

Équipe des communications
1.7 trillion: Financial losses caused by software failures in 2017

According to a report from the website TechRepublic, software bugs and other errors related to bad software quality ...

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