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Reddy Beeram
Reddy currently serves as Director of ...
What is Microsoft Azure?
Digital Transformation

Microsoft Azure: You may have heard the term Azure in conversations about IT, but are you still wondering what it is ...

Kim Stegall
Community Summit North America: Alithya Led Sessions

Community Summit North America is the annual conference for Microsoft Business Applications platform users and partners ...

Alecs Mlynarzek
Out-of-the-Box Features: Profitability and Cost Management Cloud Services (PCMCS) - System Reports: Leverage Execution Statistics to Optimize Your PCM Application

After many years of software implementation consulting, I recognize that there are certain expressions that may cause ...

Équipe des communications
Hunting for new opportunities: an interview with Jean Dallaire

Jean Dallaire, Director of Business Development at Alithya, has been working in sales for more than 30 years. Over the ...

Andrew Laferla
Operational Transfer Pricing in Oracle EPM: The OTP Journey Continues – OTP Reporting

In our last blog, we introduced our framework for creating transparency and producing accurate results in our ...

Dominic Telaro
2020 Manufacturing Industry Trends: Identifying Your Most Profitable Products

Are you aware of which products are most profitable to your company? A question like this should be answered with a ...

Mark Kreidler
2020 Professional Services Industry Trends: Client usage and Purchasing
Professional Services

Visibility is key. When it comes to the ability of knowing exactly what your clients and prospects are doing, you need ...

Steve Sanderson
A senior account executive at Alithya, ...
Adoption of Technology and Innovation in the Construction Industry

One thing the past several months have made clear, is that it is extremely important for manufacturers to keep up with ...

Antwain Woods
Efficient Quote to Order Process for Caterpillar Dealers
Equipment Dealers

Caterpillar dealers – did you know there is a solution that makes the quote to order process easy and efficient? With ...

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