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Build resilience and drive innovation with our implementation of Microsoft Cloud industry solutions.


Navigate erratic demand, resource and capacity constraints, strict regulations, and raw material volatility by empowering employees with accurate forecasts, real-time intelligence, best-practice templates, and modern ERP and CRM solutions. Learn more


Improve patient engagement, physician referrals, and health outcomes by flowing enriched business intelligence and CRM data securely through every point of care with integrated applications and analytics-driven dashboards on a single platform. Learn more

Professional Services

Manage your greatest asset ‒ people ‒ with a true 360-degree view into your business that will result in improved relationship management, stronger sales pipeline, and higher operational efficiency. 
Learn more

Financial Services/Insurance

Boost productivity, reduce administrative tasks, and streamline operations with automation based on seamless integration of data-driven dashboards, tools, and agent, broker, and customer portals.
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Higher Education

Optimize recruitment efforts with transparency and automation, enhance the complete lifecycle of students - from prospects to alumni, streamline your budget processes, and manage faculty and staff. Learn more

We've grown a lot and plan to grow more. We believe Microsoft Dynamics was the right move to support our continued organic growth and any future acquisitions. As our partner, Alithya understood Dynamics, and they took the time to understand our business. The team told us what we needed to hear, not what we wanted to hear, which was a great contributor to the success of our ongoing global implementation.

Alithya's Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation provided the best overall value for our needs. It gives us the functionality we need and excellent integration to our other Microsoft applications. Alithya was an excellent implementation partner, providing a best-practices approach for a smooth implementation experience.

We can now proactively identify raw material shortages in our chemical processing supply chain. Dynamics 365 helps us get ahead of challenges, identify potential customer impacts, and determine the best path to the best service. We’re getting better supply chain outcomes, with half the time and effort.

We started to see benefits after going live on Dynamics 365. The standardization of processes and the system automations are already saving our sales team time and boosting productivity within the organization.

World Class Training and Support

Experience our valuable Microsoft Dynamics 365 training and services to ensure you get the most out of your investment.


Get answers to your questions and fix any issues that arise with our Alithya CONNECT support service. It gives you access to the expertise you need to ensure your Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM solutions are up, running and serving your business. Learn More

Integrated Training

Explore training options from on-demand D365 University classes for CRM, ERP and BI to custom and deep-dive courses for other Microsoft workstreams (D365, Teams, Office 365, OneDrive, Viva and more). Learn more


Move to the cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and continue to experience the operational efficiencies and sales growth you’ve come to expect from Microsoft. Our team has the expertise you need, including system upgrades, data preparation, environment refreshes and cloud-transition strategies. Learn More

Adoption and Change Management (ACM)

Drive business-wide acceptance of your Microsoft implementation with our team of adoption, change management and training experts. Learn More

Existing Customers


Get help with support, training and adoption through Alithya CONNECT.


Alithya Industry Solutions

Jumpstart your D365 Experience with our industry options.

Industry Solutions for D365 F&O

Leverage our manufacturing expertise to realize faster implementations and maintain regulatory compliance. Learn more

Industry Solutions for D365 CE

Improve the customer experience, and empower your sales, service and marketing teams to realize your business incomes. Designed for manufacturers, equipment dealers, healthcare organizations and professional services firms. Learn more

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