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CRM Sales Solutions

for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Developed with the knowledge gained from over 1,500 CRM deployments, our Sales Solutions give you sales intelligence not available from Microsoft Dynamics 365 out of the box.

Gain Insights and Exceed Sales Goals

Give your sales and leadership teams the sales intelligence they need to drive profitable sales and improve customer loyalty and satisfaction. When sales leaders have low visibility into what’s coming into the sales funnel, they struggle to ensure their teams are following up on the right opportunities. As a result, companies are missing sales growth goals and are not growing business with existing customers. These challenges are compounded when you have multiple business divisions and locations.

Sales Pipeline Solutions Sales Forecast Solutions Net Promoter Score Solution Lead Qualification Approvals

Sales Pipeline Solutions

Gain Greater Control Over Your Sales Cycle with the Pipeline Analysis Solution

Imagine what your sales team could accomplish if your sales managers could monitor, track and analyze their team at every stage of the sales cycle in real-time. Our Sales Pipeline Analysis Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 analyzes sales wins and losses down to the individual level. Drive collaboration and productivity with greater transparency at every stage. 


Track and Compare Progress of Opportunities

Measure progress toward sales goals with our Pipeline Snapshot Solution, which gives you visibility into opportunities at pre-determined dates chosen by you. Detailed analysis includes charts and dashboards. Give your sales directors, managers and leaders this must-have solution to measure sales growth.

Sales Forecast Solutions

Take the Guesswork Out of Pipeline Reporting

Improve your sales process and planning with insight into your forecasting accuracy. Our Forecast Accuracy Solution answers questions like: How likely is a sales rep to win the deal? How likely are they to win it in the time frame and at the amount they have forecasted?

Accurately Track and Act on Real Intelligence

There are many components to sales forecast accuracy. Our Long Term Sales Forecasting Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables you to assess sales-forecasting precision across products and time periods. Drill down to individual customers or sales reps from your tailored dashboard view to get more specific data on their performance.

Net Promoter Score Solution

Drive Customer Loyalty and Retention

It’s important for your organization to have an accurate assessment of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) Solution helps you manage the NPS process within Microsoft Dynamics 365, tracking the survey and creating follow-up activities for your promoters and detractors. Drill down into the data using any criteria by region, rep, product or service. 

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Lead Qualification

Customize How You Qualify Leads

The lead qualification process available within Microsoft Dynamics 365 is not robust enough to handle the way most enterprises identify, track and close sales opportunities. Our Lead Qualification Solution allows you to customize the information flow on a system-wide or record-by-record basis. The tool can create contact, account and opportunity records – and help you to avoid creating duplicate entries.


Define Approval Processes and Checkpoints

Some organizational processes require approvals to move from one step to another. Fullscope’s Approval Solution saves you time by providing a framework for implementing approval processes for specific Dynamics 365 records that meet defined criteria. Enable approval processes of variable complexity, from a single approver to multiple, multi-step chains.

“CRM is helping us have the right conversations with our clients to generate real leads.”

Set Yourself up for Success with Dynamics 365

High Performing Organization

The companies that are the most successful with their Dynamics 365 implementations think of the software as a strategy or business outcome execution engine. We refer to these companies as High Performing Organizations (HPO). We’ve taken this concept a step further by creating the HPO model to help you organize resources and schedules to support your Dynamics initiatives.

CORE (Customer Owned Rapid Engagement)

With Customer Owned Rapid Engagement (CORE), you empower sales, marketing and service personnel by putting your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution at the center of your organization. The CORE agile methodology guarantees that your organization will be trained in the solution the day you go live. The result: Your organization is empowered and ready to move.

D365 University Training

Ensure your team gets up to speed quickly with Dynamics. We provide tailor-made, role-based training for your sales, marketing and service teams. D365 University provides 24/7 access to training options and resources.

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