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Marketing Transformation

Attract, engage and retain customers with Marketing Automation and Event Management.
Set Yourself up for Success with Dynamics 365
High Performing Organization CORE (Customer Owned Rapid Engagement) Alithya Connect D365 University Training

High Performing Organization

The companies that are the most successful with their Dynamics 365 implementations think of the software as a strategy or business outcome execution engine. We refer to these companies as High Performing Organizations (HPO). We’ve taken this concept a step further by creating the HPO model to help you organize resources and schedules to support your Dynamics initiatives. 

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CORE (Customer Owned Rapid Engagement)

With Customer Owned Rapid Engagement (CORE), you empower sales, marketing and service personnel by putting your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution at the center of your organization. The CORE agile methodology guarantees that your organization will be trained in the solution the day you go live. The result: Your organization is empowered and ready to move. 

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Alithya Connect

Get ongoing advice and monitoring on how your organization is working towards target Business Outcomes. Alithya Connect offers a proactive post-implementation service of knowledge, training and support. 

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D365 University Training

Ensure your team gets up to speed quickly with Dynamics. We provide tailor-made, role-based training for your sales, marketing and service teams. D365 University provides 24/7 access to training options and resources. 

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Marketing solutions that work seamlessly with your Dynamics 365 CRM

Find and nurture more sales-ready leads by moving beyond basic email marketing. Connect sales and marketing, automate processes, and make smarter decisions to maximize your marketing results.


Create and Nurture Leads

Generate more leads across multiple channels and nurture sales-ready leads with personalized experiences.

  • Run multichannel campaigns
  • Personalize buyer experiences
  • Nurture leads from LinkedIn
  • Simplify event management
  • Personalize website visits 
Align Sales and Marketing

Prioritize leads, automate hand-off, and empower sellers with shared information and connected processes.

  • Create a connected view of your customer data
  • Close more deals with account-based marketing
  • Track prospect throughout their journey
  • Increase productivity
Make Smarter Decisions

Improve marketing ROI with embedded intelligence and analytics that track marketing performance.

  • Gain marketing insights
  • Focus on top priorities
  • Improve social engagement
  • Survey customers
Know Your Audience with AI-driven Market Insights

Respond to trends faster with social and web insights that help you know what your audience is saying, seeking, and feeling.

  • Stay current on vital news in minutes
  • Discover emerging trends
  • Eliminate the noise from your alerts
Innovate with a Modern and Adaptable Platform

Enhance your automated marketing capabilities with an application that’s easy to tailor, extend, and connect to other apps and services you already use.

  • Adapt quickly
  • Extend and connect
  • Invest with confidence
  • Drive innovation
Manage Events

Provide your event attendees with an attractive portal they can use to register and view speakers, sessions and all other information related to an event.

What really stood out to me was the forward thinking and forward planning of the Alithya team.