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Industry Solutions for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Get a faster return on your investment with Alithya’s experience
Optimize your Manufacturing Operations

Get the most out of your ERP system by deploying it efficiently, training its users, and using advanced tools to stay compliant with industry regulations. Alithya’s decades of experience are reflected in our unique solutions designed to help you leverage your technology to the benefit of your business.

Alithya 365 Operations

Manufacturers face always-changing regulatory requirements, quality testing demands and complex global sales channels. Alithya 365 Operations enhances Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to help you meet these challenges head-on. It is designed for pharmaceutical, medical device, food and beverage, and commodity, industrial, specialty, agricultural and chemical manufacturers.

Regulatory Compliance Process Efficiencies Quick Results Entry Enhanced Digital Signatures Quality Associations for Returns and Transfers Non-Conformance Process

Regulatory Compliance

Industries regulated by FDA, OSHA, EFSA, EMA, HC and more must meet onerous requirements. Alithya 365 Operations helps ensure compliance while maintaining and even improving product quality, customer satisfaction and market penetration. The Master Manufacturing Record documents specifications and supports compliance with regulatory requirements.

Process Efficiencies

Alithya 365 Operations helps you manage the intricate processes required to accelerate and streamline your operations. From tools you need to limit the sale of certain products to specific customers to supporting the private labeling of product for a specific customer, our solution helps you meet and exceed customer expectations.

Quick Results Entry

The appropriate stakeholders need to be alerted to quality problems as they arise. Alithya 365 Operations allows you to expand on the standard quality order functionality by entering test results and quantities for all tests quickly and efficiently using one consolidated view of the data. That means better productivity and fewer data-entry errors. And quality orders for raw materials and manufactured items that are passed faster mean product is available for use or sale sooner.

Enhanced Digital Signatures

Federal regulations in multiple countries require electronic signature. Alithya 365 Operations extends standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations capability with out-of-the box electronic signature functionality for quality orders, instrument calibration, CAPA and production order processing. These eSig capabilities reduce your implementation costs

Quality Associations for Returns and Transfers

Minimizing rejected product makes good business sense. Alithya 365 Operations automatically triggers a quality order from a sales return or transfer while supporting all standard quality order functionality. Our solution helps you ensure product quality before goods are placed back in inventory.

Non-Conformance Process

USDA, FDA and CGMP requirements mandate a repeatable, systematic failure investigation and root cause analysis process. Alithya 365 Operations provides a closed-loop process for managing your non-conformities or defects, expands the user’s ability to better track details directly from a non-conformance, streamlines the non-conformance process, improves product quality and reduces regulatory noncompliance costs.


With this project, we are able to fully integrate our platform of tools, including Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain and Finance, Power Apps, Office 365, and SharePoint. Alithya’s deep food manufacturing industry knowledge is reflected in their unique industry tools, like FoodXpress and EDGE for Operations, which will set us up for success in our new system and ensure we’re using best practices.

We chose Alithya as our partner based on its deep discrete and mixed mode industry expertise coupled with its implementation templates.

Alithya 365 Power Apps for Manufacturing dashboard screenshot

Alithya 365 Power Apps for Manufacturing

Better engage with customers, empower employees to sell more and deliver more profitable work, and make management decisions based on higher-quality data.

Our Industry-Specific Implementation Solutions

Alithya 365 ChemXpress

Manage co/by-products

Streamline chemical-specific procedures and leverage the benefits of your historical data for quick reporting across your organization. Results: easily manage batches and lots, potency, quality, co/by-product processing, customer rebates, trade promotions, compliance tracking, attribute-based pricing and more.

Alithya 365 DiscreteXpress

Get Up and Running Quickly

Use a pre-configured infrastructure, toolset and sample data to provide an easy place for discrete goods manufacturers to start implementation—eliminating costly hours of analysis and training. Results: easily manage production orders, support lean manufacturing processes, forecast sales, configure products and more.

Alithya 365 FoodXpress

Fast-Track Your ERP Implementation

Integrate more than 1,000 defined processes, data sets and parameters typical of a food industry company into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for F&O. Results: more easily manage batches and lots, co/by-product and catch weight processing, trade promotions, customer rebates and more.

Alithya 365 PharmaXpress

Be Prepared for Phase III Trials

Implement your ERP system properly to meet the needs of unique government regulations for pharmaceutical manufacturers and keep the thorough records needed to say compliant. Results: improved quality management, batch/lot management, compliance tracking, production dispensing and more.

Alithya 365 MedDeviceXpress

Streamline Operational Processes

Combine lean manufacturing processes with strict regulatory compliance processes in order to succeed in the complex medical device manufacturing industry.. Results: deploy an ERP system on a compacted timeline to meet these requirements and more.

Alithya 365 EAMXpress

Modernize Your Asset Management

Incorporate leading industry scenarios into a tested and proven asset management template for a quick shop-floor ERP implementation in equipment-focused industries. Results: streamline processes like corrective and preventative maintenance as well as spare parts management.

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