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Alithya 365 FoodXpress

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 rapid deployment template for food manufacturers
Experience Drives Improvement

Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) for Finance and Operations faster using Alithya 365 FoodXpress. It’s a rapid deployment template developed from more than 30 combined years of experience and hundreds of successful food and beverage ERP implementations, Alithya 365 FoodXpress features over 1,000 pre-defined processes based on leading industry scenarios to move your project forward faster while keeping costs and timelines under control.

Rapid Deployment: Faster Time to Value

Pre-configured Database

A fully configured, readily deployable company-wide template designed for quick implementation of your processes into Dynamics 365. Alithya’s preconfigured database includes a fully operational company, complete with core business processes including: record to report, order to cash, procure to pay and plan to produce, all optimized to reflect the reality of a modern food manufacturing company.

Business Process

A comprehensive business process model incorporating over 1,000 business processes focused on a food manufacturing company that supports industry-specific implementation activities, training and workshops

Cloud-based Toolset

A proven implementation approach, fully utilizing Microsoft Lifecycle Services and a cloud-based toolset to ensure consistency, predictability and a shortened timeline.

Detailed Task Guides

A set of more than 600 detailed task guides, step-by-step instructions that can also be run as automated guidance to walk users through daily processes of regular business operations such as product and formula setup, quality data configuration and country/state-specific shipping restrictions.

Alithya 365 FoodXpress Methodology

  1. Streamline the majority of your processes so you can get up and running quickly in your new D365 environment, eliminating the long analysis period.

  2. Integrate the few remaining unique processes not previously addressed by our templates.

  3. Optimize processes and fully leverage all the benefits of your historical data for fast business intelligence reporting across your organization.


Recipe for Success

Experience your own rapid, successful Microsoft technology implementation with Alithya. In addition to D365 new implementations or upgrades, let us help you with any Power Platform, Azure, BI or other data requirements.

Typical Food Manufacturing Requirements
  • Formula focused (not BOM)
  • Batch order management
  • Batch/lot management
    • Expiration dating, attribute processing, traceability, balancing, merge
  • Quality management
  • Co/By-product processing
  • Compliance tracking
  • Catchweight processing
  • Trade promotions
  • Customer rebates
  • Deduction management
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