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Financial Services Experts for Microsoft Technologies

Manage and close business faster with financial services expertise
Increase Sales Securely and Efficiently

Use resources efficiently and create and control access for groups and users with a secure, interoperable platform of virtual machines, networks, web apps, databases, and more. Leverage data to predict and prevent churn, forecast business outcomes, and evaluate performance.

  • Deepen customer relationships
  • Automate compliance & license renewals
  • Onboard new employees
  • Simplify trade surveillance

Our implementation was a phenomenal team effort. The Alithya team spent a great deal of time with us and helped us define our outcomes by understanding our goals. They absolutely added value by working with us to whittle down our ideas to the top priority items. By the end of development, we were able to achieve not only what we had agreed to, but much more with ownership of the solution.

Alithya 365 for Financial Services

Amplify the true value of your financial services organization in the cloud by minimizing the complexity, time, and risks associated with managing capabilities business-wide. 

Alithya 365 Power Apps for Insurance Brokers

Onboard and manage your insurance agents efficiently and reduce risks by staying complaint. Learn more

Alithya 365 Azure Optimizer

Gain more control, manage your resources faster and accelerate application delivery while reducing the complexity, time and risks of managing cloud capabilities across your organization.

Insurance Agencies

Better manage your agent activities and boost lead management and onboarding.

Monitor Your Trades With Automation and Insight

Manage complex surveillance and compliance challenges with greater ease. With AI-FI Trade Surveillance, you can reduce false positives by up to 95% and spend more time on what’s important to your business and clients.


FinTech Lab

Built in a record time of 7 weeks, this unique project was designed to meet the needs of one of our main clients of the financial sector.

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