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Healthcare Experts for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Enhance patient engagement and deliver the best possible health outcomes with the industry expertise that healthcare providers trust.
Provide Better Healthcare Outcomes

Rely on innovative CRM, BI and Digital solutions from Alithya to enhance patient engagement, enabling enriched data to flow securely through every point of care to continuously improve each patient's experience and health outcomes.

  • Improve productivity and collaboration across your healthcare organization with CRM
  • Quickly identify healthcare outcomes, create plans and deploy the right physician referral solution
  • Automate and support patient tracking to maximize referral productivity


Practice Referral Insights screenshot from Alithya 365 Power Apps for Healthcare

Experience Alithya 365 Power Apps for Healthcare

  • Physician relationship management (PRM) and patient referrals
  • Physician liaison and practice support
  • Marketing analytics
  • Warranty management
Targeted Practice and Provider Marketing Insights D365 dashboard screenshot

Revel in a Healthcare Dashboard Built for Microsoft D365

Tailor practice and provider profile views and present updated data to stakeholders virtually and in person with AI-embedded and mobile solutions.


Dynamics 365 for Healthcare Office 365 screenshot

Leverage Microsoft Office 365

Democratize knowledge by giving team members access to the information they need.

Alithya 365 Power Apps for Healthcare

Alithya 365 PRM

Improve visibility into physician relationship management processes.

Alithya 365 Patient Outreach

Track patient progress throughout the entire care continuum and use data to uncover trends and patterns in patient health outcomes and overall community improvements.

Alithya 365 Marketing Analytics

Connect inbound patient phone calls to outbound marketing campaigns to improve campaign insights, track KPIs, and measure return on investment.

Alithya 365 Facilities Management

Get better insights into warranty coverages, work order histories, and claims processing and returns for hospital equipment.

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