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Technology Solutions for Student Lifecycle Management

Universities and higher education institutions traditionally use CRM tools to better understand their customers, including improved management of communications and customer engagement. This includes helping manage recruitment and interaction with students during their academic journeys, and keeping graduates and donors engaged through fundraising and booster campaigns.

Meet your institutional goals while helping your student body with a modern CRM solution that enables you to:

  • Recruit better prospects
  • Retain more students
  • Forecast outcomes
  • Increase alumni engagement
  • Enrich donor relations


Manage the Entire Student Lifecycle


Marketing & Communications - Identify which campaigns generated highest ROI, monitor social sentiment, and optimize personalized communications.

Recruitment & Admissions - Disqualify ineligible applicants, identify application pain points, predict prospect's probability to apply or join.


Student Services & Social Life - Monitor late payments, classify/route cases for resolution, and predict happiness and well-being on campus.

Advising & Career Support - Oversee student job placement process, identify drop-out reasons, detect at-risk students earlier, and efficiently provide course recommendations.


Engagement & Networking - Identify best-performing events, monitor engagement levels across channels, forecast future participation, and personalize invitations & newsletters.

Fundraising & Giving - Track progress with fundraising campaign dashboards, identify new donors, and automate donation reporting.

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