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Alithya 365 Insurance Brokers

Manage the agent experience from onboarding to license renewal
Stay Compliant and Manage Risk

Part of Alithya 365 for Financial Services, the Alithya 365 Insurance Brokers Power App allows organizations to view, access, manage, and track their agents for all products the agent is licensed to sell.  Our solution leverages Power Apps to enable tracking of an agent’s license and products.

  • Create, manage and process Agent license(s)
  • Automate license renewals creation tying a product with agent and state
  • Solve the challenge of staying compliant and managing risk with digital tools to onboard good, quality agents
  • Integrate state licensing validation and appointment solution to routinely validate that agency state licenses and lines of business are in effect at the time of the appointment

Alithya 365 Insurance Brokers Power App dashboard screenshot


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