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Attract and Retain Top Talent with Microsoft

Use Data To Search Smarter, Not Harder

Recruiting is competitive in the digital world—companies continuously vie online to catch the attention of top-tier candidates. What if you could use data to search smarter, not harder? What if your onboarding process was informative and welcoming for new employees? What if your employees were your best recruiting resource?

Transform the way you recruit, onboard and keep quality employees

Transform your HR department with digital tools that can make your company attractive to potential employees while helping current employees to feel informed and productive. Microsoft offers a scalable, integrated Talent solution that improves the HR experience for everyone from hiring to retiring.

Attract Potential Employees Make Onboarding a Breeze Empower and Engage Employees for Success

Attract Potential Employees

Take the pain out of the hiring process and make the experience better for everyone involved. Use digital solutions to attract the right candidates, evaluate and compare potential hires, and harness data to search smarter. A modern, integrated platform works with LinkedIn, Dynamics 365 and Office 365 to give the entire hiring team a unified experience.

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Make Onboarding a Breeze

Get that boring paperwork out of the way fast! Give employees access to the resources they need with one place to go for everything, from org charts to benefits to training and more. By giving new employees the tools they need to succeed right from Day 1, you'll be able to set them up to start making an impact—and feel good about your company's welcoming culture.

Digital Tools for Effective Employee Onboarding

Empower and Engage Employees for Success

Disengaged, unhappy employees cost companies thousands of dollars per year in productivity. And tedious HR paperwork wastes time that could be better spent on long-term strategic projects. Give employees self-service online options for benefits, PTO, career advancement and performance feedback so they can stay informed and feel plugged-in to their company.

Helping Employees Thrive with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

Every person I have worked with at Alithya has been professional and very customer oriented. They understood what we wanted, presented it well with a reasonable cost, and have been great to work with. The Alithya team is really good at what they do.