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“Allows me to reach my full potential with challenging projects that push my limits.”


“Contribute to large scale projects in a human scale environment .”


“Complete concrete projects that meet our clients' ambitions.”
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Working for Alithya means being part of a dynamic team in Canada, the United States and Europe. We pride ourselves on having the knowledge and skills but we know that learning never stops, so we are seeking like-minded individuals who want to contribute to our success and grow with us.

We are looking for people like you who are enthusiastic, innovative, open-minded, team players and eager to learn. Do you want to experience the essence of a large organization at a company with a personal touch?

Life At Alithya
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Our Culture

With its rapid and sustained growth, Alithya attracts intrapreneurs: people who like to move projects forward, who find solutions using input from the entire team. The link between themselves and the skills they refine are as important as the project steps.

With numerous completed projects and complex solutions, development centres and its highly diversified practices, Alithya attracts specialist intrapreneurs, those who like to share their expertise and put their creativity to work, and since their experience has brought them to this stage, also train digital successors.

They are all driven to become trusted partners for our clients and our teams.

Corporate responsibility

Gratifying projects

No matter what the line of business, the nature of the project, the team, or the technology used, each Alithya project involves new skills and knowledge.

Alithya puts various initiatives in place to train, develop and consolidate the skills of its employees, particularly:

  • Training to update your technological skills and retain certifications that may or may not be required by professional orders
  • Internal programs such as the Leadership Academy, the Agile Academy, and a series of conferences and meetings in the technological community (presentations at trade shows, meetupsⓂ, discussion forums, informal meetings…)
  • Individual and personalized career development established in collaboration with the manager, while keeping in mind the professional and personal aspirations of each person
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Our People

Every team is unique, each project dynamic is different. But what brings us together is our energy and our desire to bring value to our customers.

Read some interviews with our team members:

Working environment

The benefits we offer embody our values:

Several initiatives demonstrate respect towards our short, medium and long term employees. Work-life balance is among today’s working conditions but it’s also tomorrow’s quality of life. Alithya also offers programs such as stock options to allow employees to save.

Our flexible working conditions are based on the trust we place in our employees. To help them be successful in their work, we provide access to efficient work tools.

Integrity is sticking to one’s commitments. Alithya commits to a certain number of social initiatives and supports employees who take part in community initiatives. We also thoroughly respect the employment equity policy that we have established.

Continuous training, cultural diversity and internal mobility are among the projects supported by Alithya. Bringing creativity to the surface takes a variety of experiences!

Live your passion by contributing to a large number of projects, initiatives and trainings offered to launch your career. We encourage your will to succeed. 

Conditions and benefits may differ by country and office.

referral program

Our referral program

Alithya rewards referrals, according to the local policies.

Namely, we offer bonuses, gift cards or tickets to sporting and cultural events.

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Your application is always welcome

Alithya is growing fast and we are looking for talent around the world. Our international recruitment team plans, guides and personalizes their arrival in our organization. Do not hesitate to email us your application.

Enriching experiences

Thanks to the diversity of our practices, we offer many career opportunities in well established Oracle and Microsoft technologies as well as in the latest technological innovations such as analytics and machine learning.

With employees from different cultures who are curious about their differences, Alithya has a convivial and barrier-free atmosphere. I quickly felt at ease participating in activities organized by the Digital Solutions Centre social club (football, barbecues, picnics in the parks, evenings out, golf tournament), and these have reinforced my feelings of belonging to the Alithya family. Professionally, I have met and continue to meet skilled people who put human values first, which is an asset in our profession. I have never felt more in sync with my manager than I do here. Because of him, I was able to be a part of a project that suited my skills perfectly and in which I am still blossoming a year later. The cultural diversity, the Quebec culture, the agility, the rapport with peers and management, the clients and the projects are all things that make me smile every morning and make want to continue the adventure with Alithya.

I’ve been working for Alithya for four years now and I don’t regret my choice of employer. In this company with ambitions as big as mine, I have found a different spirit; a spirit of family and a hierarchy that is accessible and humane. Alithya plays on the same field as big North American IT companies but still knows how to retain the small team spirit it has had since it was founded more than 25 years ago. This translates to a renewed pleasure in coming to the office every day and working with extremely talented and professional colleagues on very interesting projects that push me to outdo myself. Basically, I have two families: my partner and two children and the big Alithya family.

I am very happy to work at Alithya’s Digital Solutions Center, mostly because work is synonymous with "fun". The synergy within teams is SUPER! The lead and manager I work with are very skilled in their domains of expertise, and very inspiring. We are encouraged to have fun at work, to be ourselves, to try new things and most important of all, to continuously learn and grow professionally. The community and vibe at the workplace is also very inclusive: no one is left behind. All that being said, I can say, quite happily, Alithya fits me well! With the explosive growth Alithya is currently in, there are many new clients to support and the applications to develop are interesting. Working with cutting-edge technology is imperative, therefore, learning is inevitable! If, like me, you share the same feelings about your workplace and learning, I am confident you will enjoy your experience working at Alithya!

Alithya is a human sized company that welcomed me from the very first day.  Above all, it’s an innovative company that is doing everything it can to change the way IT projects are managed and developed. In other words, Alithya is agile. We live and breathe this concept that revolutionized project organization. Moreover, Alithya will be able to offer you a wide range of interesting projects with its clients. Furthermore, Alithya’s Digital Solutions Centre is a centre for excellence and expertise in development, software architecture and Web infrastructure. On an organizational level, Alithya’s management is there to listen and answer any questions that come to mind. The senior developers and the designers are always there to provide technical guidance, and advise you so you can try out your wings! To sum things up, if you’re like me, and you like challenges, sharing and acquiring knowledge and you understand that technology is a passing tool that can influence society in a positive way, then join us!

Alithya was the first company to give me the chance to show how much I could grow as a Web applications developer in this big country. Alithya bet on me and now I’m working as a Front-End developer for one of our most important clients. But at Alithya, we don’t just work. Thanks to the company’s social activities, I’ve gotten to meet a wonderful group of people of diverse nationalities and cultures and who have different ways of life. Alithya is a multicultural company that has seen exponential growth these last years but also one where you can have breakfast with the president in a group of just eight people. Awesome! I recommend you join us in this adventure. Here’s what you gain: a new culture, a new environment, a new cuisine and naturally, new ways to develop your professional career in the domain that best suits you.

I have been working at Alithya for almost a year and let  me say loud and clear that it’s been a pleasure. Working in this company is like being in constant growth mode. They want us to do our work while respecting the Alithya values. And it’s these values that make us feel like we’re a vital part of the company and we’re involved in its life and evolution. They’re not afraid to balance things out to make you more comfortable, like daily support during training, which is something they do whether we’re at the client’s or at the agency.