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Oracle EPM Cloud Profitability and Cost Management vs. Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management (HPCM): The Final Verdict!

Published October 7 2021
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So here we are at the end of another blog series, I hope it’s been one that has kept you well informed on making practical comparisons between Oracle EPM Cloud Profitability and Cost Management (PCM) and Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management (HPCM) and will help either guide a future decision or validate a past one.

Let us wrap things up by taking a look back at the outcomes from each of our previous blogs in this series:

Ease of Migration


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While the migration from HPCM 11.1.x to HPCM 11.2 is not especially difficult, the need for additional infrastructure investment and the requirement to have multi-step migrations gives the win to Oracle Cloud EPM PCM.


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While HPCM performance can differ widely based on the infrastructure deployed at a specific client, Oracle Cloud EPM PCM almost always has better performance across the 4 performance categories we discussed regardless. The performance difference between HPCM and Oracle Cloud EPM PCM is due to a consistent, purpose-built infrastructure for PCM and the availability of new functionality such as Custom Calculation’s ability to leverage the NONEMPTYTUPLE function and the ability to execute point of view (POV) calculations in parallel, both which can provide exception improvements in calculation times, as well as many other features that are not available in HPCM.

New and Future Feature Availability

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I am sure our blog on the new and future feature availability was a surprise to some on just how many features are available in Oracle Cloud EPM PCM compared to HPCM. The hard truth is that while HPCM is a fantastic product and will continue to be supported in Hyperion 11.2, it will not receive many of the great functionality improvements we see or will see in Oracle Cloud EPM PCM.

It’s worth noting that with the migration of Oracle Cloud EPM PCM to the common Oracle Cloud EPM platform in the near future, the divergence in feature availability between Oracle Cloud EPM PCM and HPCM is going to get significantly bigger!

The Final Verdict

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When we look at the various topics we have covered over the various blogs in this series, it should be very clear that we should invest our migration efforts into Oracle Cloud EPM except in very specific scenarios.

This isn’t to say HPCM 11.2 is not a worthy challenger; it’s still is a leader in the Profitability space when looking at on-premise, or on-premise like, profitability engines, but Oracle Cloud EPM PCM is the evolution of HPCM and will continue to get better and better in the future.

We are expecting some BIG things from the Oracle Cloud EPM PCM space in the future, so remember to keep on checking out our blogs. Hopefully, we can share some big news with you soon.

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