Profitability Tech Tips – Troubleshooting Resources

Published February 11 2021
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One of the many benefits of EPM's new reality in the cloud is that you are never alone. Like most aspects of our connected lives these days there are multiple ways to troubleshoot issues you may face while developing and/or maintaining your Oracle Profitability application. The below list lays out the typical resources that we should be leveraging to troubleshoot our issues within Oracle Cloud Profitability:

  • Oracle Academy
    • Oracle Academy is the obvious go-to when starting your journey to learn Oracle Profitability. It contains a wealth of videos that can visually guide you through the various aspects of the application and is a great beginner resource when you have no prior knowledge of the tool.
    • To access the Academy, log into your Oracle Profitability instance and simply click the “Academy”, tile on your homepage. From here you can select any video or other resource that catches your fancy.
  • Oracle Help Center 
    • Another, more expansive, resource is Oracle Help Center which contains ALL cloud-related User and Admin Guides, EPM Automate and REST API guides, Tutorials, Videos, and much more.
    • I would recommend bookmarking this site but below is a list of the key resources from an Oracle Profitability troubleshooting perspective

All of the above resources, and many more, can be access by clicking the "Books” text in the left pane will present all the Oracle EPM Cloud Administration and User guides. These can be read in the browser in either an HTML or PDF format.

  • Oracle Customer Connect 
    • As the name would suggest Oracle Customer Connect connects those who work with Oracle products together. On this site, you can post questions relating to issues you are experiencing and ideas on new features you would like to see in PCM.
      • Profitability and Cost Management Forum 
        • On the Profitability Forum, you can post topics and receive feedback from Oracle Profitability users around the world.
        • This forum can be accessed by clicking “Product Forum”→ “Enterprise Resource Planning” →“Profitability and Cost Management”.
      • Idea Lab -  Profitability and Cost Management 
        • The idea lab allows users to post ideas that they feel will enhance the functionality of the Oracle Products. The Idea Lab replaces the old method of logging enhancement requests through Oracle Service Requests (SR). 
        • In the Idea Lab, users can upvote and comment on their favorite ideas that have been posted. Keep in mind though that just because an idea was posted in the lab it is not a guarantee that Oracle will pursue it.

  • Oracle Support:
    • Of course, a formal channel of troubleshooting is Oracle Support. Here you can log Service Requests which can be escalated depending on their severity.

The following resource should provide you with the tools to troubleshoot almost any issue in your Oracle Profitability application but you are always welcome to reach out to Alecs Mlynarzek and me through Twitter or LinkedIn for any additional information and/or advice:

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