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Or Develop and Defend Indirect Cost Rates

Quickly load and allocate expenses to applicable overhead cost pools and merge them with relevant labor or machine hour values to obtain overhead cost rates, or develop, document and defend indirect cost rates.


Manufacturers: More Easily Develop and Document Standard Cost Rates

Manufacturing organizations often need to improve the process of developing annual labor and overhead standards to use as input into standard cost rates for product cost and inventory valuation. This traditionally requires Excel. Try Alithya’s Standard Cost Rate Development solution instead to replace manual offline processes with the following:

  • Accelerator Business Model
  • Point and Click Selection of Cost Pools
  • Loading of Plan Data
  • Loading of Driver Data
  • Load the Hours and Calculate
  • Build and Document Rules for Standard Cost Rates

It’s a complete analytical solution that leverages Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud Service (PCMCS) to empower you to gain insight into hidden profit and cost across key business dimensions such as segment, geography, channel, product, customer, and more.

Indirect and direct costs for government contractors Oracle EPM Cloud

Government Contractors: Streamline the Development of Indirect Rates

Built from years of experience working with government contractor clients, Alithya’s Indirect Cost Rates solution helps you strategically plan and implement process improvements enabled by Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud Service (PCMCS). Try it out to:

  • Take advantage of competitive pricing when submitting proposals
  • Ensure that all indirect costs are allocated in a manner consistent with their benefit, whether G&A, Overhead, or Materials and Handling
  • Provide greater flexibility to allocate costs by department, pool, sector, division, etc.
  • Streamline the modification and addition of ever-evolving allocation methodologies such as revenue, % based, and 3-Factor Formulas.
  • Provide an audit trail and traceability of cost source to targets
  • Deliver rule-based reporting and what-if scenario analysis, including an ability to model the impact of acquisitions and organizational changes.

Learn more about Alithya solutions for Standard Labor and Overhead Rates or Indirect Rates.