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Collaborative and Connected Performance Management to Enable High Growth

More so than any other industry, high tech companies are at the forefront of digital transformation and disruption. Empowered by consumers, businesses and governments who always want better experiences and outcomes, successful high tech companies must be able to continuously respond and adapt to changing needs by using connected planning across finance, operations and HR to turn data insights into smart business decisions. We can help.

Alithya implements Oracle Cloud solutions for the high tech industry. We are one of the most experienced Oracle partners when it comes to delivering integrated ERP, Finance, HCM, supply chain and EPM cloud applications.

How Alithya Can Help High Tech
7 Steps to Implementing an OTP Solution

7 Steps to Implementing an OTP Solution

Are you using a custom OTP solution that involves Excel, Access, custom SQL databases, or even your General Ledger?

This eBook outlines the common challenges and dangers of these approaches and seven steps to implementing a solution that results in compliancy and efficiency. You'll also learn how the Oracle EPM suite can assist in delivering your OTP results in a solution that is easily understood, easily maintained, traceable, and auditable.



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