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Alithya Helps Life Sciences Companies Implement Oracle Cloud Solutions

Pharma, med device and biotech companies all face similar challenges including siloed systems, ever-changing regulatory requirements, finding and keeping talent, and more. How do you address these challenges? How about head on – with a modern, single and secure technology platform.

Alithya implements Oracle Cloud solutions and offers pre-built accelerators and solutions specifically built for the life sciences industry. We are one of the most experienced Oracle partners when it comes to delivering integrated ERP, Finance, HCM, supply chain and EPM cloud applications.

Alithya’s solution resulted in a new and improved system with additional functionality and a 60% improvement in consolidation time, which gives us future opportunities.

How Alithya Can Help Life Sciences
Agile Finance: Manage and Lead Your Business Successfully (Rapid Profitability and Modeling Insights) eBook cover

Alithya Strategic Modeling

Changes in market conditions are inevitable, and the impact of these changes on business can be dramatic. Can you effectively project financial outcomes and understand business profitability in a fog of uncertainty?

Empower timely decision making with Alithya's time-to-value solutions that highlight performance and margin improvement opportunities.


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