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Powerful Financial Processes
for Professional Services

Improving planning and budgeting, reporting,
service rendering, and more.

Professional Services companies come in all shapes and sizes – from consulting, legal, and staffing organizations to gaming and accounting firms.

Managing the rapid rise in on-demand workforces, providing high quality services from anywhere in the world, shifting from a per-hour revenue model to a value-based one, and leveraging automation to simplify complex processes and reduce errors are just a few of the challenges facing this industry. Alithya has experience implementing Oracle Cloud solutions to help professional services organizations tackle these and other business issues head on.

Alithya is experiencing tremendous growth and Oracle Cloud is providing the technology platform we need to increase efficiency across our organization. Oracle helps ensure that all areas of our business are integrated and share vital data.

This was the first time that we worked with Alithya, and we particularly appreciated their ability to put themselves in our shoes in order to propose solutions that were adapted to our business reality.

How Alithya Can Help Professional Services Companies
Agile Finance: Manage and Lead Your Business Successfully (Rapid Profitability and Modeling Insights) eBook cover

Alithya Strategic Modeling

Changes in market conditions are inevitable, and the impact of these changes on business can be dramatic. Can you effectively project financial outcomes and understand business profitability in a fog of uncertainty?

Empower timely decision making with Alithya's time-to-value solutions that highlight performance and margin improvement opportunities.

Alithya is an Oracle Customer!

We not only implement Oracle Cloud ERP, EPM and HCM, we use these solutions to run our business, too!

Just like Oracle Cloud does for our customers, it helps us integrate new companies into our existing platforms and scale to meet the complexity of thousands of employees worldwide with multicurrency and multilingual needs.

Alithya Solutions for Professional Services
  • Alithya Deal Modeling for Construction
  • Alithya Client and Project Profitability
  • Alithya SWFP Labor Supply Demand Planning
  • Alithya S&OP Planning
  • Alithya Marketing Initiative Planning

Learn more about how Alithya helps professional services companies achieve excellence with Oracle solutions.