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Using a Modern Finance Solution and Data to Drive Insights to Increase Profitability

In today’s current environment, what is important for utility companies including electric, natural gas and water service providers? Achieving growth while containing costs is definitely top of mind, but how do you get there?

Companies who have not modernized their finance function and other back-office operations may face difficulty with the continued changes in consumer priorities or expectations. Old systems can undermine profitability and growth. Let Alithya help by unifying your enterprise via modern Oracle Cloud solutions and driving insights using data to make better informed, more profitable business decisions.

How Alithya Can Help Utility Companies

Capital Portfolio Planning Learning Kit

The process to manage large capital project portfolios can be time-consuming and confusing, creating a wide margin of costly errors.

CPP solutions help organizations simplify the process in a streamlined and automated way, eliminating the pain of administering paper, Excel, and Word-based capital request, prioritization, & approval processes. Learn more about CPP, how Alithya leverages Oracle's EPM to power it, and helpful tips & tricks in our CPP learning kit, which includes additional videos, solution sheets and more.


Learn more about how Alithya helps utility companies achieve excellence with Oracle solutions.