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Operational Intelligence Expertise Center (OIEC)

Make your data work for your business

Make the shift from a reactive mode to a proactive mode for both your IT management and your business services. The operation of complex and decentralized computer systems generates a high volume of mismatched data, which makes it difficult to interpret and draw conclusions. Without knowing the origin of your IT incidents, how can you think about finding solutions for resolution? Without correlated data, how do you assess the impact and consequences of a system failure on your business?


Our Operational Intelligence Expertise Center (OIEC) brings together a team of experienced experts made up of architects, administrators, developers and business analysts. Our resources work in close collaboration with all the client members of the center to get their data to talk and draw value from it.

Our center now offers comprehensive visibility for your IT events. By understanding what is happening across your systems, you will make informed decisions that have a real impact on the success of your organization.

Be a part of our Operational Intelligence Expertise Center to optimize your IT management.

  • Increase IT Visibility 
    Thanks to our integration expertise, all your systems are connected to each other so that you can get a holistic view. This way, you know everything happens in your IT systems in real time, so you can stay in control whatever happens.
  • Reduce Resolution Times 
    Find the problem quickly, discover its source, and swiftly return to normal operations. Your IT teams will be more productive and can finally focus on value-added projects.
  • Improve Incident Management 
    Imagine knowing in advance that a breakdown is eminent. With machine learning, you can put your action plan in motion to completely avoid an incident or even predict potential problems. Your IT department will be more efficient. 
The OIEC Informs and supports you

Did you know that every small IT incident has a direct impact on your organization? Its scope varies depending on the severity of the failure. Generally, the consequences are missed sales opportunities, lost productivity, client dissatisfaction, data loss.

You will have access to unexpected information, allowing you to make decisions and see a significant difference to the overall success of your organization.

Custom Dashboards

Reports developed 100% for your needs, which provide a holistic view of what is happening in your systems. You cannot imagine how much data you don't have access to today and how much you it will tell you about your organizational operations.

Direct Access to an Expert

An expert dedicated to you will visit you regularly, share ideas with your team, analyze your needs, and make suggestions and recommendations. A trusted ally to provide clarity and guide you in making the right choices.

Agile Development

Application of the Agile work methodology by our teams provides consistent results. Together, we are building on projects that are advancing. This development flexibility is seen even in our variable work capacity which we adapt to your needs in the short, medium and long term.

Unrivaled Skill Level

A team of multidisciplinary experts have worked with us for a long time and are invested in the success of our clients. You will appreciate their dedication and professionalism, as well as their proximity and team spirit.

Low Risk Exposure

A development collaboration which places the risks on our shoulders not yours. Working with our Center of Excellence relieves the pressure on your resources. Instead, you’re betting on our experience and on the fact that other organizations are part of the project with you. Strength in numbers gives you peace of mind.  

24/7 support

An operational support team is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our experts are available to help you resolve any incident that appears in your systems without delay. Don’t waste time trying to understand what’s happening, put us on the case right away.

Discover what’s hiding in your data