Enterprise application services that provide functionality and security

Your organization needs specialized applications to help manage your operations and achieve your current and future objectives. We provide expert digital skills and advice to make crucial changes to an out-of-date system or develop a new, modern solution to suit your business needs.

Digital Applications Development

Design, digitize, and launch your web and mobile applications with cutting-edge technologies and our proven work and development methods. 

Quality Assurance

Implement the very best practices in software QA automation with our assessment, support, testing, automation and orchestration. 

Cloud and Infrastructure

Prepare for today’s ever-evolving business reality by modernizing your infrastructure or migrating your hardware to the cloud with our proven strategies. 

Control/Software Engineering

Get turnkey systems or integrate new technologies thanks to our integration experience, regulatory and cybersecurity compliance expertise and extensive domain knowledge. 


Outpace increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats with Alithya’s end-to-end cybersecurity services and custom solutions. 

Legacy Systems Modernization

Modernize and evolve your systems to stay agile, control costs and fill the skill’s shortage gap with Alithya’s creative legacy systems modernization services. 

Intelligent Document Processing

Capture, extract, and process data in diverse document formats to transform your unstructured data into actionable insights with intelligent document processing.