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Application services

Get the functionality you need without the complications
Expertise tailored to your business needs

Specialized applications to help manage your operations are mission-critical. We provide the expert digital skills and advice you need to make crucial changes to an out-of-date system or, develop a more customized solution.

Finding software that does what you need might be very difficult and developing new tools or improving current ones is sometimes the best or only option. Alithya helps transform and modernize obsolete systems by using current best practices to provide you with the digital transformation support you require. Our collaborative approach ensures your needs are accurately defined and strategically prioritized.

The Alithya Digital Solutions Center

An increasingly popular option

We build business partnerships based on transparency and collaboration. Turnkey or co-managed projects are carried out from our offices on a risk-sharing basis and we provide expert digital technology advice along with project implementation capacity.

We’re taking the pain out of your pain points

Meeting challenges is what Alithya does best. What are your business challenges? Share them with us and we’ll help you see your way through.

  • Is flexibility important to you?

    It is to us too. We pride ourselves on staying light on our feet so we’re always ready. Depending on your situation, you may prefer to have your applications developed on-site, at your office, in collaboration with your internal teams. In other cases, trusting an external team with the entire development project may be preferable. At Alithya, we adapt our approach to suit your goals and your reality.

  • System needs to be brought up to date?

    Your business is evolving. Your applications should too. We can modernize your mainframe and legacy applications to distributed and cloud environments. Finally, your systems will be able to keep pace with other technologies!

  • Need to get a product to market fast?

    Be agile! You will release your product more efficiently and be better able to respond to the demand.  You’ll get faster feedback during the testing phase and continuous deployment automation which will save plenty of time before in your product launch.

  • Need advice on getting your business objectives and results in sync?

    If your business isn’t producing as it should, you need to make some changes. Improve your company’s organizational performance without losing sight of the people side of the change. We employ change management best practices all the way through.

  • You know where you want your business to be

    We can show you how to formulate a strategy that will maximize your business’ potential. Strategy is just one of Alithya’s strengths. Let us put it to work to help you create a roadmap that will guide you in achieving your business goals.