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Data and analytics

Drive Better Decision Making with Data You Can Trust
Data drives your bottom line

The companies that can transform the immense amount of data available today into insights their employees can use to strengthen customer engagement, optimize operations, prevent threats, and capitalize on new opportunities will come out ahead.

Digital transformation

An evolutionary process

First, automate some of your critical business processes. Then, extract important data from these processes, analyze the data and make changes that benefit your business.

Set yourself up for success with data

How can you build and maintain the infrastructure and processes required for a consistent, secure and integrated view of your business? How do you drive adoption across your organization? These are the challenges facing businesses today that know they need solutions that make the most of the valuable data sitting in their systems.

  • Is your business operating on a single version of the truth?

    Getting the big picture right across divisions and geographic boundaries can be difficult, to say the least.

    Our services help clients recognize, transform and deliver data and analytics across all of your systems so that you can feel confident about the decisions your team will make.

  • Can your team quickly access the analytics they need?

    Or are they stuck hunting for what they need, depending on unreliable databases and hard-to-interpret Excel spreadsheets?

    Alithya’s solutions provide seamless, quick reporting from multiple data sources, with your team’s individual roles in mind.

  • How actionable is your data?

    You need a full picture of your finance, operations, sales, marketing and service functions that is tied to measurable business outcomes aligned with corporate goals.

    Alithya’s experts will help you build a data and analytics strategy on a solid foundation, starting with understanding your strategy for growth, your current data architecture and your future needs. We’ll help you create a roadmap for success.

  • How dependable is your infrastructure?

    Everything depends on how well your data is managed.

    Alithya’s experts can advise on a hosting strategy - including on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions - that drives service availability and cost reduction. We align our approach to your needs, and have a strong grasp of planning, architecture, change management coordination and implementation of infrastructure roll-out and migration.