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Business Intelligence

Stop Guessing. Get the Most Out of Your Data.
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Although most people interact with business applications each day, fewer than 32%* have access to analytical insights.

Give your team the keys to business insights that can help them make smarter decisions. Alithya’s powerful and industry-leading Business Intelligence solutions give you the tools you need to implement a successful BI strategy in your organization.

*Gartner Blog Network, 2017

Data speaks

Your data tells a story. But if your team can’t access data quickly and effectively, it won’t do you any good. You need a full picture of your finance, operations, sales, marketing and service functions.

Our services help clients recognize, transform and deliver data in a consistent, secure and integrated way across all of your systems so that you can feel good about the decisions you make. Get a single version of the truth to drive performance management improvement across your business.

We offer:

  • Strategic alignment
    Define valuable BI initiatives based on your business priorities. We’ll help you develop a BI Strategy Plan and a BI Roadmap, perform a data assessment, and execute a BI Program Delivery Plan.
  • Analytics
    Analyze data sets to optimize business decisions or validate different scenarios with our industry-leading tools for descriptive reporting, predictive analysis and prescriptive solutions.
  • Data Visualization
    Leverage intuitive and interactive decision-making tools, including dashboards and self-service solutions.
  • Data Integration and Governance
    Combine data from disparate sources for a consistent, secure and trusted view of your business. Our services include architecture, data warehouse, ETL development, developing a governance model, MDM tools and the creation of policies and business rules.
Translate Data into Action Faster

BI Accelerator

Speed up your delivery of vital information to decision-makers. Alithya’s BI Accelerator prepares and structures backend data to simplify reporting. Now you can take data from your legacy or existing ERP or other source and create insightful reports without overwhelming your system.

Power BI

Go from data to insights in minutes with Power BI, an out-of-the-box business analytics service that transforms data into visuals that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, on any device. Power BI easily scales, with built-in governance and security.

Energy and financial expertise

CASSI™ Analytics and KPIs

Drive Work Efficiency, Safely and Reliably

Improve preparation, execution, backlog and reliability-centered activities with CASSI™, our work management reporting software for asset-intensive facilities. Our software drives accountability and tracks progress against corporate and site-based performance goals for work week leaders, planners, schedulers, operations and maintenance staff.

  • CASSI™ Analytics for Weekly Maintenance
  • CASSI™ Analytics for Planned Outages
  • CASSI™ Analytics for Petrochem Turnarounds
  • CASSI™ Analytics for Maintenance and Reliability
AI-FI Trade Surveillance

Monitor all your trades, like never before

Alithya offers business intelligence solutions for financial services to help you analyze your data and respond to your business needs. Our solutions to your financial challenges consists of a business intelligence data model specification and report specifications from which organizations can jump start their business analytics development. These accelerator components leverage all the best practices and experience that Alithya has gained through our delivery of BI systems to the financial industry.

  • Business Analytics for Trading
  • Business Analytics Investment
  • Business Analytics for Credit Risk
  • Business Analytics for Portfolio Performance
  • Prime Brokerage
Data has a story to tell.
Discover the encyclopaedic
knowledge of your data.