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Alithya releases inaugural ESG report

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Business Offerings

Business offerings include a comprehensive range of digital technology services to address client needs, as presented below, and that can namely take the form of Alithya's takeover of deliverables for its clients. 

Alithya’s integrated offerings have positioned the company as a trusted advisor, with proven proficiency in designing and building innovative and efficient solutions for complex business challenges.

Alithya continually invests in the expansion of its service portfolio to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of its clients. Current core business offerings include a comprehensive range of digital technology and software engineering consulting services.

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Business Strategy

Let us put our heads together for you.

Alithya accompanies clients through essential decision-making processes regarding strategic planning, change management, systems evolution, operational processes, and more. Applying the most recent methodologies, we help our clients to optimize efficiency and navigate through the digital transformation age through an array of Business Strategy services, including strategic consulting, digital transformation, organizational performance and enterprise architecture.

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Application Services

Specialized solutions to advance your business.

Alithya’s experts guide clients through all facets of application services, from legacy system migration towards future-ready digital solutions, to the development of completely new solutions using state-of-the-art methodologies. Our experts assist our clients in the choice between cloud, on-premise, and hybrid hosting strategies and solutions. Alithya’s Application Solutions services include digital applications DevOps, legacy systems modernization, control and software engineering and cloud and infrastructure.

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Enterprise Solutions

Working with key industry partners, including some of the world’s largest vendors of enterprise solutions, Alithya’s experts help clients to deploy company-wide systems to improve the efficiency of their finance, human capital, operations, and marketing functions. Alithya’s Enterprise Solutions services include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Corporate Performance Management (CPM/EPM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM/CXM).

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Data and Analytics

Showing you the way to optimal data

Data analysis plays a critical role in the optimization of business processes. Leveraging specialized IT systems and softwares, Alithya’s data scientists help clients to navigate and optimize data through enhanced collection, raw data analysis, the treatment of large volumes of data using machine learning tools, and reporting. Alithya Data and Analytics services include business intelligence, big data as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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